Our Services

We organize for foreign companies that are interested in outsourcing production of machine parts and assembly of products in the Czech Republic, the complete ordering, quality control and transport of the most diverse products.

We use a wide network of smaller and larger producers, which we continuously expand and maintain. We verify the quality, reliability and price level of these suppliers. In this network we have access to a wide variety of companies, including milling and turning, sheet metal machining, welding, surface treatments, casting and glass processing.

Our work only ends after inspecting and careful packaging of all ordered parts and arranging transport to the customer. You communicate with us in your own language and we transfer this information in Czech to the producer. You only deal with us and we distribute the work to the various suppliers.

Besides facilitating production we can also contribute to your product development. We transform your ideas in close cooperation with you in a product ready for manufacturing, using 3D-CAD software SolidWorks.

We are looking forward to your inquiry!